Friday, August 15, 2008

You can't tell from these pictures, but it was raining and the sun was gently filtering through the trees. The birds didn't mind at all.

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Rainy Days in Ipswich

I live on the North Shore of Boston in Ipswich, MA. We've been having one of the rainiest summers I ever remember. Usually by now my lawn has browned up and needs only infrequent mowing...and the town issues a water ban. Not this summer - it's been surprisingly wet. My lawn has never been this green.

It seems that it rains at least once or twice a day. I actually liked the storm that came through yesterday. It was a pretty nice day and then early in the evening a thunder storm came through. It stormed for a while but then, the sun came out while it was raining.

I ran outside to close the bird feeder which I had accidentally left open. I expected to see a rainbow instead I was stunned by the soft beauty around me. The rain was lightly falling, coming down in straight lines highlighted by the rays of the sun. It was a glistening curtain of rain. The sun filtered through landing in patches on my lawn, and there was a mist in the distance.

Birds were every where chirping and singing. Not minding the rain at all. They were taking turns at my bird feeders. Cardinals, blue jays, yellow finches, wrens and chickadees. All flitting back and forth between the fence, the trees, the bird bath and the feeders. It was a bird party. I watched for a while and then ran to get my camera.

I like these cooler summer days. The gray days remind me of childhood times when I happily played inside and colored and painted to my hearts content. These days when we're inside because of poor weather I'm often more inspired to create because I'm not distracted by thoughts of being outside.