Friday, May 20, 2011

North Andover Sheep Shearing Festival - May 17th

Sheep shearing

I'm going to be one of the crafters participating in the North Andover Sheep Shearing Festival this coming Sunday, May 17th, 2011.  I'm hoping to sell my beachy jewelry, and my ReStyle Studios "upcycled" necklaces, and accessories, etc.  A friend of mine is also going to be there selling her Vintage jewelry. 

There will be food from the Lion's Club, Boy Scouts and a few local restaurants, pony rides and other activities. They are planning to have sheep shearing demonstrations by Andy Rice of Hoggets Farm in Brattleboro, Vermont.  Also, a small herd of alpacas from a farm in Andover will be on display in a pen area that is like a petting zoo. 

I thought my "upcycled" jewelry made from fabric would be a nice compliment to a festival about wool. I'm hoping people like my newest Shabby Chic/ Eco Chic creations.  They are perfect for the summer.  They look great with tee shirts or even a sun dress! These necklaces can be found at my ReStyle Studios Etsy shop.  Just click the photo if interested. Here are a few examples of a few recent necklaces:

Hope it doesn't rain on Sunday.  It's the only day in ages the weathermen are actually predicting to be dry. The festival should be fun.

Where did this week go? Color Palette Challenge!

I'm trying to adjust to gray days. It's been gray and rainy all week...And, chilly, too.  No wonder I'm vitamin D deficient!

I've had to put my heat on everyday to take the chill off the house.  Yesterday, it was really foggy most of the day.  I wanted to get out and take some photos, but it started to pour before I got out there.  One summer day, I took photos of my kids while we were at the beach in the fog and the pictures came out great because the fog provided an unexpected lovely background. 

Since, it's been so dismal I was delighted to find a new Challenge about the use of color.  It's run by the girls from 3CreativeStudios - Terri Stegmiller, and Vicki Welsh. On the 16th of every month they announce a new color palette to try. You can use all the colors or just some of them in whatever way you wish.  The colors can be used in a painting, quilt, ATC, journal, doll, etc.  You post your submission in the 3C'S Flickr group and have a chance to win a prize.  

I'm going to use these colors for inspiration.  Should be fun
Here's the link to their blog: