Monday, July 26, 2010

Mackworht Island, Maine

Today was a perfect 10 weather wise. No humidity! It sure makes a difference when the humidity is low - It was about 81 degrees and I didn't mind it at all. It was sunny and breezy, too. Just beautiful.

Kevin and I decided to go exploring. We went to Mackworth Island, Maine, right off of Portland. There is a causeway out to the island so you can drive there.

When we arrived the friendly fellow (Ron) at the gatehouse said we were in luck - there were only three parking spaces left. So we parked and then started off on the path around the island. There are several places where you can go down to the shore. At some points it was a steep drop down to the water.

We were surprised at how few pine trees there were especially on the edge of the island. The island is truly lush with trees though. There is also a school for the deaf and hearing impaired on the island.

Below are my photos from today's jaunt.

Mackworth Island Fairy Village

What a delight to find this magical place! A village built just for Fairys. My very favorite dwelling is the one built overlooking the water. I'm sure the Fairys come dance every night in this lovingly constructed community.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visit to Exeter NH

My friend introduced me to Exeter NH, and I had a blast exploring.

My creative muse couldn't help but have her spirits lifted. I loved the old Handkerchief Factory - Which has a sign on it's building - Fabric and Furniture. We spent quite some time admiring the beautiful fabric. I even came away with a few ideas for my jewelry from there.

It was a delight to explore the craft and antique/junk stores in Exeter, too.

Here are a few of my photos:

What a treasure trove of colors and designs!

My dear friend...

An "everything store" full of the old - from antique hats to sleds and more...

HOT day - we visited a farm that now sells homemade ice cream - Yummy!

Our friend the turtle made a dash for under the car. Luckily he came out the other side before we had to drive. He sure could move fast for a little fella.