Thursday, February 24, 2011

When has creativity rescued you?

 "Leo Scarf"
Has there ever been a time in your life when bad experiences, stress, medical emergencies, or family troubles totally overwhelmed you?  But - then, you discovered a few creative moments helped to lessen your pain?  I would really like to hear how "creative salve" helped you at certain troublesome times in your life.

This was my recent experience:

The One World One Heart 2011 event was an amazing glimpse into the creative world of over 800 bloggers.  It began Jan 31st and ended on Feb. 17th, 2011.

I learned a lot through this journey. Creative people are extremely willing to share the wonder of their discoveries and talents. They are a delightful group. 

Just before OWOH began my father became seriously ill.  He was hospitalized twice before coming home again on Valentines Day.  (Our special gift.)  He's in delicate health, but holding his own right now.  He's 93!

I'm blessed to have my dad in my life.  I cherish all the moments I spend with him.  While he was in the hospital I spent many late evenings (since I was too worried to sleep) visiting the OWOH creative blogs. I found diving into the world of other creatives helped keep my mind from my worries.  Now, I feel even closer to all who participated in the OWOH event. Thank you!

Also, I discovered keeping my hands busy helped calm my mind during the hours spent with my father in the hospital. ...Well, one scarf turned into 4, and I dubbed them "Leo Scarves!" They are very special.

I developed quite a reputation at the hospital.  A nurse I had never seen before asked me if I was the woman who crochets!