Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brimfield, MA–Antiques Extravaganza

Brimfield 003

Brimfield 004

Brimfield 007

Brimfield 009
There was a tent full of crystal chandeliers!

Brimfield 023

Brimfield 030

Brimfield 032

Brimfield 033
Brimfield 036

Brimfield 043

Brimfield 039

Brimfield 052

I’m so fortunate to have wonderful friends.  On Thursday, I was whisked off to Brimfield, MA. to discover the delights of a mega-huge antique flea market type show.  The size of it was amazing.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  Tents and tents and tents of dealers selling everything from vintage buttons, china, jewelry, antique furniture to outdoor statues.  There was even a tent full of Irish Linen.

Brimfield 049

Brimfield 050

I had heard this show takes more than one day to explore, and I believe it.  We saw a lot, but there was more to see when we left.  There’s only so much you can do in one day.

I had a lot of fun just taking pictures.  I did some shopping, too.  Some items were up there in price, a few items were untouchable (for me, anyway.)  There were bargains to be had.  Especially, if you know your items.

Not only did I have fun with my friends, but the sun was out all day!!!  Can’t beat that.
Lots of Vitamin D….!!!!  YES!

To see more pictures and find out about future Brimfield Antique Shows go to:

Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day...

I’m truly blessed.  My children made sure I had a great Mother’s Day.

My Daughter was able to visit from Saturday until Monday afternoon. My younger son who is in San Francisco, called and we talked for a while.  Then, my older son came to spend Sunday into Monday with us. It was special time. My Daughter cooked us a delicious Mother’s Day dinner.




For Some reason I always love poking around garden centers.  We had a hard time deciding which dahlias to grow.  They were all so beautiful.

At one point we put bags of the dahlias into our shopping cart to look at the different color combinations.  It was a tough decision, but the ones we chose are going to be spectacular. We came up with a pink/peachy colored dahlia, a yellow, deep burgundy, deep red, lavender, and pink. I just wish they would bloom all summer and not just at the end of the season.  Can’t wait!

The weather behaved Sunday evening so we could have a fire in the fire pit. This has become a tradition for us.  When ever we can, we sit around the fire - look for shooting stars, talk and relax together.  Sometimes we toast marshmallows, and make Smores.  We’ve been burning the wood from the Maple tree that hit my house in a horrendous wind storm last March.  At least some good came from that disaster. 

And then, my older son took me dahlia shopping!!!  We went to several garden centers on Monday.




Sunday, May 8, 2011

International Gem & Jewelry Show, Inc.

gem show 5.6.11 018

On Friday, May 6th my friend dragged me – kicking and screaming to a bead show.  It was the International Gem & Jewelry Show in Marlborough, MA at the Royal Plaza Trade Center.  Actually, I couldn’t wait to go, but I wanted to keep my spending low. Something that isn’t easy with all the beautiful temptations at these shows.  This was the second show of this type that I’ve attended. Such sparkle! You almost needed sunglasses to walk through the place.

gem show 5.6.11 019

gem show 5.6.11 020

gem show 5.6.11 022
gem show 5.6.11 023
gem show 5.6.11 025
gem show 5.6.11 024
gem show 5.6.11 026
gem show 5.6.11 027
gem show 5.6.11 028
gem show 5.6.11 029
gem show 5.6.11 031
gem show 5.6.11 033
gem show 5.6.11 034
gem show 5.6.11 035
gem show 5.6.11 036
gem show 5.6.11 037
Even though there was a tremendous amount of inventory being hawked at the show, the dealers weren’t selling the type of unusual hand crafted beads I use for my eclectic jewelry. Still, it is amazing to see so many glistening beads in one place.

I really behaved myself.  Mostly, I purchased beads I would usually use in my jewelry. The only different purchase I made was a pair of silver hoop earrings for myself.  It seems counter projective to purchase earrings made by someone else when I make earrings – however, these are the type of hoops that click closed in the back, and I can’t make that type. They are sort of “work horse” earrings.  

gem show 5.6.11 014What a beautiful day.  Not only did I have fun, but the weather was mild and sunny  While I waited for my friend to arrive I snapped a few spring pictures. 

All in all – an inspiring day.