Monday, April 18, 2011

my heart is broken...

My Father went in the hospital in January and since then he was in and out of the hospital four times.  He also, spent two weeks in a rehab facility where he was doing great until he got hit with the Flu.

In between hospital stays I was taking care of him.  He put up an amazing battle to get better, but on Thursday, April 14, 2011 he slipped from this world while I had left the hospital to go home for dinner.

I was stunned because the Doctor told me my Dad had improved so much he would be moved to a regular room the next day.  I never expected the phone call saying he had taken a turn for the worse!  By the time I rushed back to the hospital he was gone.

Now, I'm playing games in my head.  -  Perhaps, I should have taken him to the Dr. sooner.  I should have asked this question or that question...I shouldn't have left the hospital to go home when I did.  I know I need to give it rest, but I just wanted him to get better so badly. 

 Leo was a World War II Veteran, and a kind, sweet person.  He never complained about anything ever.  He was mentally with it, too; and he loved baseball.

The funeral is the end of this week. 
The funeral is this Friday, Good Friday.

My Dad was well loved and will be truly missed.