MEF - Saving Lives Through Education

The following information is about the Melanoma Education Foundation.  It could help save your life or the life of a loved one so please continue reading.
The tragedy of melanoma is that nearly every death from melanoma could have been prevented by early self-detection.

The Melanoma Education Foundation works to prevent this tragedy through:

~ Health Educator Training, Grades 6 - 12

~ Community & Corporate Outreach

~ Comprehensive Educational Website

The Melanoma Education Foundation is supported by individual contributions, by grants from the community foundations, and corporations, and by funds raised from special events.

Here is my story...

Years ago when my daughter was not yet two I started caring for a few other children in our home to help support my family.  The very first child I cared for was an adorable little fellow named Daniel Fine.  He quickly stole our hearts and became a fun playmate for my daughter, Heather.  

My family and Daniels family became good friends, but as fate would have it the Fines ended up moving to Rhode Island.  We were able to keep in touch with them because my husband's family were from the same state.  Occasionally, when we visited our family we were able to see the Fines, too.  

Then, the Fines moved to Massachusetts, but as fate would have it so did we!  Before, Daniel left for his new job in California he came to say "Good Bye" to me.  I was very touched by this, but it was the last time I ever saw Daniel.  You see, he discovered he had melanoma and a few years later he passed away.  

The sadness and tragedy of this can't be changed, but because of Daniel's passing his parents started The Melanoma Education Foundation in the hopes of educating others so perhaps they won't have to endure the pain of losing a child or a loved one.

Please check out the website.