Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video by Jan Phillips

I couldn't begin to put into words the way Jan describes creativity.
She nails it. This is a wonderful video. I had to share it you.

I like this quote...

Whatever you dream 
or dare to
begin it."


Friday, March 25, 2011

Fear of the blank page....

What is it about a blank canvas or a blank book page that is so daunting? There's an idea blooming in our heads...yet, the page stays blank and scary for days.  We look at it, but nothing happens.

I finally gulped down my feelings of intimidation.  I decided I would start my Fiction Project book yesterday no matter what.  I guess, it won't be the most perfect book ever created. 
It won't even be a stellar example of an altered book because this is my very first project of this sort.  That's a fact I will live with.  I set my goal as just getting the book completed!  To realize my goal I had to start...

Often "Start" is the most important step to a creative adventure even if it's a scary step.  Without "Start"....there is never an I'm excited now.  I'm on my way.

The Title of my book is:

It will be fun.  I swear

The Adventures of a

Mischievous Muse

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art House Co-op - The Fiction Project 2011

My blank book arrived a few days ago from The Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, New York.  

This truly will be a challenge for me, but I'm looking forward to combining writing and art to create my story.  The Fiction Project sets its sights on literature and creating a narrative book that fuses writing with art!  I believe I need to have the project completed and back in the mail by May 1st so it can join the other books in a tour of the country.

The books will be included in an exhibition visiting galleries and museums in the following cities:

Brooklyn, NY San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL Seattle, WAWinter Park, FL

After the tour of the country these books will return to the Brooklyn Art Library and become part of the permanent collection in New York.  How neat is that?

Free Teleclass tonight...

Since, I've taken part in many of the Artella programs I thought this would be a worthy blog post.  Artella Land opens up an entire world to those of us who are creative and need a little boost.  Check it out.  

Just click on the picture to find out more about the teleclass.  
You won't be sorry.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Early Evening Moon

Early Evening Moon  

Where was my camera
as I drove down the road
watching in disbelief 
as the moon rose
huge and golden before my eyes?

It shown in great majesty
rising in the sky
like a knight guarding
my world.

Where was my camera
as the moon glowed warm,
dancing behind trees,
copper light 
glistening off windows?

The moon, so large
became in an instant
brilliant bright...

suddenly a jewel.
Suddenly a jewel
Penned by Linda Lamore

The "Super Moon," and the comment made by Flyingbeader sent me searching for an old poem I wrote years ago.  It seemed  to fit the beautiful scene we were treated to last night.