Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Night Deer

OK....I was just about to go to bed when I looked out my front door window. There was a deer across the street. First, I thought it was a large dog, but sure enough it was deer. I tried to take a picture of it....(naturally), but the photos weren't working out very well. I opened the door and the white tailed deer quietly ran away. Oh well....I've never seen a deer in my neighborhood before even though we live across from Willowdale State park.

This second picture resulted from my deer shooting attempt. I just think it looks neat so I posted it.

Morning after the snow

It was so beautiful this morning - I had to take a few pics before work. Of course, I ran out of time to post them, and that's why I'm doing it now.

The sun lit up the tops of the trees offering a morning softness which I tried to captured. There was a peach colored glow which lasted only a short time. I was wishing I had the day to take photos. Everyone seems to be sick of the snow except me. I'm looking forward to good weather, but not all that in between junk we get in the transition from winter to quality spring
weather....and flowers.