Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend 2008

This weekend is going by too fast.

At least I was able to finish a lovely Silver Swirl bracelet. It’s simple, elegant…bright and has a nice sparkle to it. I like that it emits a soft sound when it’s on the wrist.

Maybe, I will make more of these bracelets in different variations. We’ll see.

This morning (Sunday) I worked on my garden…watering, fertilizing, and feeding the birds. Yesterday, I heard a peeping and looked out my window to see a father Cardinal and a baby (almost as big as his daddy). The baby was hopping up and down and peeping incessantly as if to say "Feed me! Feed me!" - So the dad quickly grabbed some of the bread I had thrown out and started feeding the hungry little – big one. It was really cute. The baby followed dad all around and his dad kept feeding him.

I'm truly enjoying the garden this year. My Dailia is extrodinary. I’m really proud of it. Next year I hope to plant more in brighter colors.

Today is my son Ryan’s Birthday. We'll take him out for a BD dinner this afternoon. After a lot of discussion we decided on Sidney & Hampton in Rowley, MA. (Used to be the Eagle House years ago.) They have great food and it's a pleasant atmosphere. Nice for a Birthday. Maybe I'll be able to get back to my jewelry creations later today? Maybe not. We'll see.

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