Saturday, April 4, 2009

STUFF - Dealing with it.....

I'm attempting to become an organized jewelry maker/creative person.
It seems I'm a natural collector. I have my passions...and interests and curiosities about learning...and therefore - I'm always collecting. I'm on the look out for treasures I can turn into something creative. This goes for jewelry making, painting, garden treasures, and writing, too.

I collect interesting articles, photos, magazine pictures for collage, old jewelry that can be upcycled, beautiful beads, etc. I hunt for sea glass, and shells and small drift wood. I just can't help myself.

I have too many ideas running around my head. All this collecting is great for when I want to make something, but where to put it?
And, once I put it - will ever I find it again when I need it? Now, that is an important question.

Sooooooooo, to start this spring off right I have begun to organize.
Whew, I didn't even know I had so much stuff. Anyway, I'm starting to feel good about this. I can see my art desk again, and I'm getting my beads and jewelry supplies nicely organized. I can't wait to start creating gorgeous jewelry again.

Oh..but there's still more organizing to do.
Maybe, I'll get this accomplished in the next few weeks....I hope.

Am I the only one with this problem???

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