Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visit to Exeter NH

My friend introduced me to Exeter NH, and I had a blast exploring.

My creative muse couldn't help but have her spirits lifted. I loved the old Handkerchief Factory - Which has a sign on it's building - Fabric and Furniture. We spent quite some time admiring the beautiful fabric. I even came away with a few ideas for my jewelry from there.

It was a delight to explore the craft and antique/junk stores in Exeter, too.

Here are a few of my photos:

What a treasure trove of colors and designs!

My dear friend...

An "everything store" full of the old - from antique hats to sleds and more...

HOT day - we visited a farm that now sells homemade ice cream - Yummy!

Our friend the turtle made a dash for under the car. Luckily he came out the other side before we had to drive. He sure could move fast for a little fella.

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