Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inner Excavation...

This Christmas was the first year my family decided NOT to exchange gifts. I will admit it was a wise choice, yet it felt kind of strange at the same time. Gifts aren't the most important part of the holiday, but I always enjoyed the exchanging a lot. It turns out that avoiding the Malls, spending almost nothing on gifts, and not having to do a lot of wrapping was a great idea.

Still - I'm the biggest kid in the family and I knew I'd miss the giving.
(I've always thought of myself as sort of a "Mrs Santa.")
So, what did I do?

I gave myself a gift instead!!!

I decided to buy a book.
It arrived before Christmas. The book is called "Inner Excavation - Explore Your Self through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media" written by L
iz Lamoreux. This was a great choice. I've been doing some of the exercises. I already love to take photos, I write from time to time, and paint. The book is a nice boost for my creativity. Now, I plan to keep my camera with me whenever I can, and use the book often.

I think it's neat that Liz has my last name within her last name. Anyway, I'm sure I will benefit by looking more closely at myself and the world around me. What a special gift!

I guess, I can't get completely away from giving gifts! I did give my tree a special gift this season. It was a cool find from a Church rummage
sale this fall. I rescued this adorable glass ornament made in Poland for my tree.

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