Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More snow? Really?

The weather people were right - more snow and then it turned to rain as they predicted. Below is a picture I snapped shortly before the storm turned to rain. The snow was falling in big flakes and it looked extremely New Englandly and quite pretty.

It's still raining - or at least, doing some sort of precipitating out there right now at 10 PM. I'm really worried about some of the pine trees and bushes on my property. I tried to shovel, shake and pull off some of the snow where I could reach, but some of my trees are all bent over and miserable. I can only hope they survive. More snow will arrive on Friday. I can't keep up with it all.

Below is a pic of my neighbor's house that I snapped from my living room. The snow was really coming down hard at the time.

Early this morning a few birds visited my feeder. This Cardinal sure looks cold. Could he puff up any more than this?

I'm almost out of bird food!


  1. what a load of snow - and we think we have problems here in the UK when it snows a little - love your birds, especially the Cardinal - my fave

  2. I love birds and love your photos! We've had an exceptional number of birds at our feeders this year, but we don't get the beautiful snow. ; )

    Thanks for finding me via the OWOH posts.

    Janet, Honey from the Bee, #64


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