Sunday, April 10, 2011

cover hesitation...

Oh Gosh, I'm amazed at how difficult it is to figure out a cover for the book I wrote for The Fiction Project.  I want to make the cover memorable...or at least nice enough to get someone to open my book!  So far, I'm NOT doing very well.  I really had hoped a few people would want to read my book while it's on the journey across America. So far, I haven't come up with the right cover design.  Nothing seems right.   

I've thought about using one or two prints from my watercolors, for the cover, but they don't seem to fit the title.  It should be something fun, bright - and I'm just not there yet.  

I started painting a background for the cover.  It turned out too muddy.  Yikes. I was hoping to send my  book in soon.  I'm going to have to solve this problem quickly!

Now, I'm thinking I might print out one of  my beach scenes and use a photo on the cover instead of a painting or print.  This might work since I talk about the beach in the story.

I'll have to play with this idea.

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