Monday, April 4, 2011

farewell to a tree...

I'm always sad to see a tree being cut down.  I love trees.  
A few months ago, a tremendous, very cool tree at the apartment building where my Dad lives was taken down.  This tree used to take my breath away!  We were told it was diseased and it had to come down for safety reasons. I think everyone was wishing this wasn't the case.  The only saving grace was that parts of the tree were taken to make into furniture by a local craftsman.

The Maple was 200 years old!  I felt sick to see it go, but it's a done deal now.

One afternoon, while waiting for the elevator at the apartment I looked out and there below me was the base of the 200 year old tree. To me it looks like an unusual flower.

I had to take pictures of it.  This tree is still beautiful even in it's death. 

 This view is Ipswich, MA looking out from Central Street.


  1. G'bye tree. Yes, I agree, I hate to see trees go. When you live in the desert you really come to appreciate trees. My favorites aren't what most would call pretty, they are large, lots of limbs, and no leaves. I know, I'm weird! Thanks for sharing, Linda.

  2. How's your Fiction Project coming along?

  3. I agree, it is sad to see such a beauty go! We had to take several trees down on our property about 4 years ago--big pine trees--so sad!

  4. One of my favorite trees is a dead cherry tree in my back yard.

    I love it because it's such a great place to hang bird feeders and pine cones spread with peanut butter - rolled in seeds for my bird friends.

    Someone told me that dead trees attract spirits! I don't care. I like attracting birds. :)


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