Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bradley Palmer Park

I guess I’m in love with this place.  It’s where Kevin and I go walking often. It’s a state Park, and there is a paved road through the park.  


There are numerous other trails off into the woods.  We take those trails sometimes, but it’s just so easy to walk the paved road, and go home.  We don’t have to worry so much about deer ticks this way.

But, before we turn around and head back we stop at the stone house.  It fascinates me, and I love to photograph it. I only had my iphone with me the other day, but I’m sharing some of the pictures.


   IMG_0243            IMG_0245




I’m hoping the state doesn’t let this beautiful stone structure go to ruin.  It looks like that may be happining.  I’d love to see the inside, too.  Well, I would have loved to have visited the inside before it sat for so many years.  I’m sure the inside is damp, and full of spider webs and nests. This will be an interesting subject to paint...


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  1. hello,
    i popped over from your etsy shop...
    i sent a message the other day re. your feather journal and just wondered if you got it...
    i'll send another etsy convo :)
    great photos btw :)


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