Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Fest - Keen NH 2009

Last weekend we took a three hour drive up to Keene, NH where they had an amazing Pumpkin Festival.

We were awed at the amount of people that were there on a cloudy day. People were still bringing in pumpkins when we arrived, and kids were busy carving more. Tons of people were piling in to the town to see the carvings, eat food and drink pumpkin beer. It was difficult to walk because of the crowd.

Musicians were playing music, and there would be fireworks at 8:30 PM. You couldn't drive into town, you had to take a bus because no were cars allowed in the square. The crowd was huge already at 3:30 when we arrived.

We came up to get my jewelry from a local boutique. We didn't stay long because the crowd was overwhelming. On the way home we stopped at a neat Internet Cafe on the outskirts of Keene. Great vegetarian food and good coffee.

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