Friday, March 25, 2011

Fear of the blank page....

What is it about a blank canvas or a blank book page that is so daunting? There's an idea blooming in our heads...yet, the page stays blank and scary for days.  We look at it, but nothing happens.

I finally gulped down my feelings of intimidation.  I decided I would start my Fiction Project book yesterday no matter what.  I guess, it won't be the most perfect book ever created. 
It won't even be a stellar example of an altered book because this is my very first project of this sort.  That's a fact I will live with.  I set my goal as just getting the book completed!  To realize my goal I had to start...

Often "Start" is the most important step to a creative adventure even if it's a scary step.  Without "Start"....there is never an I'm excited now.  I'm on my way.

The Title of my book is:

It will be fun.  I swear

The Adventures of a

Mischievous Muse


  1. I like your beginnings!!! --great start!

  2. Looks like a wonderful start. I often struggle with this no matter what type of project (except french beaded flowers) I pondering!

  3. Enjoy the time and experience with your new project! I'm going to go check out the new stuff at the Art House Site - I participated in one last year.

  4. I am still waiting for my book, Linda. Hurray for starting yours! I'll watch for further progress and let you know when my book arrives so I can start it.


  5. I think you are right, that first step over the ledge is always the most difficult... I think it is a great start!


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