Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brimfield, MA–Antiques Extravaganza

Brimfield 003

Brimfield 004

Brimfield 007

Brimfield 009
There was a tent full of crystal chandeliers!

Brimfield 023

Brimfield 030

Brimfield 032

Brimfield 033
Brimfield 036

Brimfield 043

Brimfield 039

Brimfield 052

I’m so fortunate to have wonderful friends.  On Thursday, I was whisked off to Brimfield, MA. to discover the delights of a mega-huge antique flea market type show.  The size of it was amazing.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  Tents and tents and tents of dealers selling everything from vintage buttons, china, jewelry, antique furniture to outdoor statues.  There was even a tent full of Irish Linen.

Brimfield 049

Brimfield 050

I had heard this show takes more than one day to explore, and I believe it.  We saw a lot, but there was more to see when we left.  There’s only so much you can do in one day.

I had a lot of fun just taking pictures.  I did some shopping, too.  Some items were up there in price, a few items were untouchable (for me, anyway.)  There were bargains to be had.  Especially, if you know your items.

Not only did I have fun with my friends, but the sun was out all day!!!  Can’t beat that.
Lots of Vitamin D….!!!!  YES!

To see more pictures and find out about future Brimfield Antique Shows go to:

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  1. I love going to antique stores and flea markets, looks like you had a fun time!


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