Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day...

I’m truly blessed.  My children made sure I had a great Mother’s Day.

My Daughter was able to visit from Saturday until Monday afternoon. My younger son who is in San Francisco, called and we talked for a while.  Then, my older son came to spend Sunday into Monday with us. It was special time. My Daughter cooked us a delicious Mother’s Day dinner.




For Some reason I always love poking around garden centers.  We had a hard time deciding which dahlias to grow.  They were all so beautiful.

At one point we put bags of the dahlias into our shopping cart to look at the different color combinations.  It was a tough decision, but the ones we chose are going to be spectacular. We came up with a pink/peachy colored dahlia, a yellow, deep burgundy, deep red, lavender, and pink. I just wish they would bloom all summer and not just at the end of the season.  Can’t wait!

The weather behaved Sunday evening so we could have a fire in the fire pit. This has become a tradition for us.  When ever we can, we sit around the fire - look for shooting stars, talk and relax together.  Sometimes we toast marshmallows, and make Smores.  We’ve been burning the wood from the Maple tree that hit my house in a horrendous wind storm last March.  At least some good came from that disaster. 

And then, my older son took me dahlia shopping!!!  We went to several garden centers on Monday.




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