Sunday, June 28, 2009

Old Town House Cemetary/Parsonsfield, Maine

Behind the old town house parsonage building there was a sweet sounding brook. I spent some moments just standing there listening to the birds chirping and the relaxing sound of water splashing. I snapped the above picture before I walked away. Next, I explored the adjoining grave yard.

I don't make a habit of tromping around grave yards, but this place seemed so peaceful and almost inviting. While I walked around shooting my pictures I was consciously thinking "I'm in a grave yard - I don't want to disturb anyone. I won't stay long." The grave yard was from the 1800's.

Anyway, I was quite startled because when I got home and examined my photos more closely there was a disturbing revelation. The reflection in the little brook seems to have a face or being staring out of the water. The face looks a bit concerned and even stern. I really didn't expect this.
Here is the photo cropped to better show the reflection. There really is a face in the water!!!!

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