Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vistas on the trip to Parsonsfield, Maine

There were spectacular views at some spots along the way.

Yesterday, I awoke to the clearest blue sky I've seen in months. I wish I had taken a picture just to prove to myself there can be days like this in Ipswich, MA.

Anyway, we decided to take advantage of the good weather to drive up to Maine. We started our drive around 12 PM. As we drove there were huge white clouds along the horizon. Then, all of a sudden it looked dark and gloomy up ahead, but as we continued the weather totally improved. There was blue sky with more puffy tall clouds all day in Maine.

When we arrived in Parsonsfield the sky was still blue with those extraordinary clouds. It was sunny one moment and then shady the next with a nice breeze. This made the day very pleasant.

In Parsonsfield Kevin and I poked around the old buildings. I took lots of pictures. The place had a peacefulness about it. Birds chirping, you could hear a brook bubbling in the background.

On our drive back home we discovered a neat diner. Great prices - Sparkling! Clean! and Surprisingly Roomy! It was retro and basically red/white and chrome. I had to take pics because it was beautiful as far as diners go.

The drive home was a downer because we went from good weather back to cool and gray.
The...closer to home the cooler it got. Fog most of the drive home. Oh well.

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