Monday, November 21, 2011

I've been sooooo busy....

I've been sooooo busy lately...but it's a good busy.  I went to a bead show last weekend because I was running out of supplies.  The show was huge, and it literally sparkled every where I looked.  I always have fun when I attend this show.  It's difficult not to over spend because of the many temptations.  I was good - I only bought what I needed. 

I'm in the Danver's Art Association's Holiday Craft fair which runs from now until Dec. 18th.  It's open Saturday and Sunday from 12 until 4 PM.  I have one painting in the show, my handmade journals and some jewelry.  Oh...and a few Christmas ornaments, too.  Every year I'm amazed at the quality and variety of the crafts in this show.  There are many talented members in this organization.

Lots of holiday events are planned for Newburyport like holiday art walks, etc.  Since my jewelry is in the Sister's We Three on Pleasant St., I'm busy making extra jewelry for them to display...and hopefully sell.  I thought I had a lot of jewelry made, but I'm discovering I don't have enough.  I'm taking part in more craft fairs this season and I'm (happily) in three stores.  This is crunch time.  I hope I can make enough to go around...quickly.  Next, year I'll know to start creating in June!!!  On top of all that - I need to get ready for Thanks Giving Day, too.

Am I the only one feeling the holiday crunch already?

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