Friday, April 29, 2011

A few pages from my Fiction Project book

This page is interactive. 
I'm a little afraid the stick will get lost.

Below is the cover I chose.  The shells tie into the story.  The cover is from one of my watercolors.  I had to cut it down to make the cover so I scanned the painting, printed it out on photo paper in matte.  Then, I cut it to fit. Only after I glued it on the book did I realize the ink isn't permanent. 

The cover looks a bit worn and I like that effect.  I sprayed it with fixitive, and I'm hoping it will stand up to handling.

Throughout the book the mischievous muse shows up.  These pictures are really me in differnt outfits. 

Only my family, friends and blog readers will know who the muse really is.  Actually, she is named after my Mom who was a wonderful muse though she didn't know it.

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