Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's in the mail.....!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it!  I'm proud of myself.  I finished my book for The Fiction Project, and I sent it back in the mail yesterday. 

This may not seem like an accomplishment but for me it was huge.  Not only did I write a fiction story which was something out of my comfort zone, but I completed the book while under huge duress. (I must admit creating the book was a wonderful diversion from my worries about my Dad.)  And, I got it done on time. That only happened because I decided it was more important to get the book done than to have it perfect.  (It worked.)

Next, letting it go...That was a little tough. I wanted to keep it so I could show all my friends. The copies I made are pretty good.  However, they don't have the same tactile feel of the book.  You can't touch the handmade paper, or feel the fabric collage, or open the interactive page.  It's just different. 

Below is a picture of the inside of the Brooklyn Art Library that I took off the internet. I wish the library was here in Boston.

Any one up for doing the Sketch Book Project of 2012? 
Here is a link to The Art House Co-op

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The Brooklyn Art Library

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  1. The book looks fabulous and you should be very proud of yourself! So smart to keep a copy, too!


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